Try something new!

Ugh, this harsh winter can break your bones! Who would’ve thought that when you sneeze, winter comes! That’s what happened, and all of a sudden – a sensation of loneliness struck. Christmas has passed, so did New Year, and we are left alone or with a few friends who are not available 24/7. It would … More Try something new!


Hello fellow students! I wish you all Merry Christmas and that you get over any hardships with ease! The exam session is coming, but don’t be afraid, your skills are with you and you can do it! Expect something new this year, get up and do something useful, something that could bring joy, results, and … More MERRY CHRISTMAS!

What a shame!

What a shame, how disgraceful and humiliating! Standing here, in front of all the people, and seniors all covered in mud, sweat, and tears. Crying for help or crying out of joy? At this point it doesn’t matter, just standing here, exhausted and wanting to go home, take a shower and fall asleep. Two weeks. … More What a shame!

Dorm dwellers

Dormitories, dodgy looking people, mess, or friends, sleepover and fun? Dorms have their own share of ups and downs but hey, it’s always more fun to talk about the bad things when it comes to the downsides of the dormitories. Starting with: Dodgy people. Yeah, I’m talking about that shady looking guy in the corner. … More Dorm dwellers

Get social!

Cramming yourself in a corner won’t help you in any way. See that light shining through, erm, that keyhole? Or that window? Yes, it’s the light of social life, pull yourself off the ground and get out there and make some friends if you don’t have any. Sound easy, right? Keep in mind that reality … More Get social!


Hello fellow Students! This a continuity of part 1. You can find Part 1 HERE. Last time we discussed about how to overcome financial problems that may occur sooner or later in everyone’s’ life. I will mind and repeat some of the crucial tips, such as: Avoid peer pressure, Save money, Plan accordingly to pay … More FINANCIAL PROBLEMS – HOW TO OVERCOME THEM PART 2


Hello You have stumbled upon a new blog named ‘The Clever Students‘. Well, what is this blog about? This blog will cover general ideas about trivial things that are happening in Students’ life. Hobbies? Activities? Educational problems? Tips? Yes, things that were mentioned above will be posted and discussed. Who am I you may ask?  I … More Welcome