Unexpected Hardships


Every now and then students take some kind of an exam, right? Yes, this is correct and frustrating, I don’t really know anyone who enjoys taking them, but I know a great number of students that are full of joy when they see something scribbled on the paper, along with the word “PASSED”. I’m not one of the gloomy, dirty, alcohol drinking and cigarette biting student, I actually put time and effort in to my projects and homework! Strange, isn’t it? Everything started at the first days of September, when we didn’t even knew our timetables and who was going to teach us. We received the timetables and saw something… strange… something Bizzare… The Culture of Language was our topic. Really? What does it mean? But then we saw something even more mysterious, the professor had a strange last name – Laužikas (Ž is pronounced like J in Jeep), this word, translated in to English, means The Crusher, The Breaker, well, anything with breaking and crushing your dreams. If the last name wasn’t enough, to top it all off, he gave us an exam… On the first day of meeting? Come on! And can you guess the results? A whole damned Alphabet or from 0 to 9. Surprisingly, I got a 2, which is an F with tons of minuses. I even made 79 mistakes and that is unbelievable. Although, everything went fine after that, we are still kind of frightened by him. We jus recently got another exam, but it’ll be hard to recover when you already have a 2 in your account. Heh, wish me luck and all the best.



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