What a shame!

What a shame, how disgraceful and humiliating! Standing here, in front of all the people, and seniors all covered in mud, sweat, and tears. Crying for help or crying out of joy? At this point it doesn’t matter, just standing here, exhausted and wanting to go home, take a shower and fall asleep.

Two weeks. Just two weeks of September have passed, and what does that mean? All the freshmen have to be “baptised” or “christened” which is a form of initiation that introduces them to the life in college. Have you ever experienced this? This initiation ceremony is a tradition amongst universities and colleges and it’s rather popular up to this day. It usually happens at the 2nd or 3rd week of september and people have to face all sorts of madness (kissing pig’s head, crawling through mud, eating raw eggs, and etc.). Just imagine what a horror this is. Although, every uni or college is different and have their own ways of “baptizing” their students. But this is just the easy part. All the “fun” begins at the dormitories! Senior students collect all the freshmen and give them tasks that they have to complete in order to become a real student, a real dorm dweller.

This is a tradition that lives up to this day. This is a tradition of humiliation. This… is real life. Welcome!

Clavis-portae-Initiation-ceremony queens-engineers018-1072x714



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