Get social!

Cramming yourself in a corner won’t help you in any way. See that light shining through, erm, that keyhole? Or that window? Yes, it’s the light of social life, pull yourself off the ground and get out there and make some friends if you don’t have any.

Sound easy, right? Keep in mind that reality is more challenging.

This post is dedicated to all the shy people out there and to the ones that are trying to make some friends.

Do you live in a dorm? If the answer is yes, then you have plenty of opportunities to make some new friends! Start going out of your room more and ‘run into’ your neighbors, have a chit-chat, do this often and look at their body language if they are responding positively. If they are facing you, smiling and are keeping up the conversation, then you’re on a good track.

Or let’s say you live in an apartment and your neighbors are old people or families, what now? Just get social! No, I don’t mean get on Facebook, I mean get active, join a club or two, volunteer, go out at night to a pub or some parties. Yes, going out all by yourself is not actually a bad thing. Summon all your strength and talk to girls (or boys). Men usually have it harder when it comes to making new male friends. Personally I prefer to make new female friends instead of males, it just seems easier… But you have to make your own decisions.

Communication, communication, and COMMUNICATION. Are you usually surrounded by people in class? Well yes, yes you are, get active if you are a freshman, show them what you know, answer questions that professors give, make a good first impression. Elbow someone on your side and have a chit-chat, it’ll usually help in making acquaintances but in a long run they can ‘transform’ into optimus primes! Oh, I mean Friends.

So, what have we learned? The keystone of making friends is being active. So don’t cram yourself into the corner of your room. Start being active.

Good luck out there!


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