Take advantage of DISCOUNTS!

Hello fellow students!

Do you want to see a movie together or go to a theater? But wait, look at the prices… I’d better stay at home and watch a movie on a computer, do you want to join?

THIS is a really common situation. I stick to my guns and use this strategy instead of saving up for going to a cinema, unless it’s something really good and must-see. During the first years of college life I’ve started taking advantage of discounts and sales. They are great and saves a lot of money that most (?) of the students lack of.

I don’t know about you but there is something what we call a ‘discounts corner’ at the grocery shop, where all sorts of foods and pre-made meals are placed for 50% or even 80% off the price! I take advantage of these discounts without hesitation. Some people might think “ew, but that’s what poor people do” but hey, if something can save you some pennies or even a whole stack of money, why not use it? Don’t care what others think about you, most probably they don’t even bother thinking about you taking something from that ‘discounts corner’.

Cinema – a great place to spend time with someone, without a doubt (hey, I’m not into getting drunk). Everyone wants to go there but some people just can’t afford it and stay at home, which, of course, is cheaper and more comfortable. BUT what if you really want to go there? There are a couple of ways. 1) Save up some money or go with your friends and collect a ‘friendly’ amount of money needed for the tickets. 2) Wait for the discount season to start. These are great, especially because the prices of the tickets go down by a significant amount. Sadly, the price of snacks stays the same. From my personal experience a normal, everyday ticket costs 6-5€ and a ticket on a discount is barely 2.5€, this means a lot, for us, poor, empty-pocketed students (just kidding).

Anyway, don’t restrain yourselves by staying at home, life gets dull easily this way, better group up with your friends or save up some money. The best way is to ‘abuse’ the season of discounts.


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