Back to the school table


This summer has passed and maybe left something to remember for the rest of the school year. We are heading back to the school table, are you ready?

It seems that the very thought of “Getting back to school” is demotivating people. Why? Just take a look at the social media: a number of majors (someone who has recently graduated) is making fun of others for having to go to school.

How can we change this situation?

The situation itself can’t be changed, making fun of something is a natural process, well I consider it to be natural and there’s really anything to do to stop it. *Just got an idea for a next post ^^*

All you can do is change your mindset. Do you hate going to school/uni/college? Then ask yourself, Why do you hate going there? The most common answer, well again from my POV (point of view), could be “PEOPLE”. Sincerely, I hate people who don’t show respect or take no effort in communication, especially the drunken dorm dwellers. They are hard to deal with.

Anyway, changing your mindset might sound really easy at first, but believe me it’ll take weeks or even months. The easiest way to transform is to make some friends or at least spend more time with others that you enjoy being with. This will assure that your day doesn’t prolong.

Another way of changing your mindset to, well, at least “enjoying” the days at school is showing some interest towards the subjects that you are studying. Okay, I understand that at school you have to study every single subject and there is a whole different story with universities/colleges. But heck, do you enjoy studying biology or chemistry and hate maths? Then spend more time with those subjects, time will fly by within a blink of an eye. As for myself, I loved the subject of chemistry and after school I would make chemistry projects just for my own liking.

Remember, if you are at school, take your time and show some interest towards a certain subject and make friends, lots of them. If you are in college, you are studying what you actually like, well I believe so, and getting through tough times is always easier with a group of people.

Stay tuned for more!

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