Financial problems and How To overcome them Part 3

Hello, fellow students!

We are continuing the Financial problems topic.

You can read the First Part and the Second Part if you haven’t read it yet.

We were talking about looking for a job, online jobs and prevention tips.

Today, we’ll continue on this topic.


Online business opportunities for young people. Are they real?

Most of them are plain old scams and untrustworthy. I have fallen for the same traps few times and now I have a sceptical view about them. If you find yourself in a tight situation, you want to look for a job, just don’t go on the internet and type in google ‘Free job on internet’, ‘Make money online’, because there is a huge possibility that you will get scammed.

I have financial problems on my own, for example, the winter season is coming so I will have to change the summer tires in to winter tires, which will cost a decent amount. Secondly, I am obligated to finish the Additional Driver’s Course in order to change my driver’s license. And other domestic things. To sum up, roughly i’ll have to spend over 300 euros as a student.

These numbers wouldn’t be HUGE if the minimum wage where I live won’t be 360 euros a month.

What you should do is never ever trust online sites that claim to make ‘Easy money’ and etc. The magical word here is ‘Easy’. Why? Because people get hooked on by it, they don’t want to work.

Just go to your local Job centre and hunt for jobs, Legal and real jobs.

Of course there are some online job opportunities that really work. But, most of the focus on affiliate marketing. Take Amazon affiliate program as an example.

profile picture

At the moment I am working for french company called LibertaGia. Yes, it is focusing on affiliates and yes, they are really paying.

Always remember, there are no easy ways to make money in real world or virtually, everything requires work! If you find yourself getting broke, get a jar for gathering money, do some local work, ask people if they need help for money and etc. Get creative!


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